15 September 2010

This "man"

Everyone knows Hitler. I would argue that he's one of the most iconic figures, in terms of looks. Particularly because of the fucking 'stache.
But you know what's crazy? Really looking at a picture of him. I mean really looking. Forget for a second who he is, what he did. And just look.
What's striking is how harmless he looks. He just sort of looks like a dick. But if you take away the stupid mustache he's not super masculine. He's not feminine or anything, but he's a little only the jowl-y side. Especially when he was older. But he doesn't look like a mass murderer.
But then of course, he does look like a mass murderer because he's probably what comes to mind when someone says "mass murderer." But when I look at his face it is so terrifying to me how this man, who was just a man, was behind the Holocaust.


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Well what can i tell, no one cares about this guys anymore, is so dead... but is really a mystery is how he died, there are so many theories about this that no one is sure about it.

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