26 September 2007

tonight i went to taco bell with coleman

taco bell guy: so how long have you been dating?
me: about a year.
taco bell guy: about a year? are you going to go on that engaged and underaged show?

other possible answers coleman and I thought of:
"about seventeen years, okay?"
"um this is our first date."
or just make out.

06 September 2007

welcome back to savannah

so this afternoon my mom and I went to wal-mart after I moved into weston to pick up some extra stuff. this is what happened when I was in the cosmetics aisle:

A random guy holding a plastic bag (probably filled with ether and roofies) walks in front of me and says, "Hello" and keeps walking. I think this is weird.
Guy turns the corner but a few seconds later comes back down the aisle.
Guy: Excuse me, what is your name?
Me: Why?
Guy: You're pretty, that's all.
Me: Oh.
Guy: I'm oirjgfd(I couldn't tell what he said...maybe John?) (and he held out his hand)
Me: Hi (I shook it)
Guy: Listen, can I give you my number and maybe take you out sometime or something?
Me: Oh, uh, I'm 19 (he looked way older)
Guy: How old?
Me: 19.
Guy: Well I'm 18.
Me: Oh, okay, well I guess so.
Guy: Can we go someplace alone so I can give you the number?
Me: What?
Guy: Can we go someplace else?
Me: No...
Guy: Oh okay

So he wanted to get me alone in a dark corner of wal-mart to rape and murder me, right? OK good