30 December 2008

It's my birthday

I'm 21.

That's the first drink I bought myself. It's a mango martini. I couldn't order it with a straight face. But it was reallyyyyyy good.

25 December 2008


The new Animal Collective album has leaked. Several people have asked me what I've gotten for Christmas...and nothing else comes to mind. Who gave this to me? The fates? Some dude off the Animal Collective message board? Yes and yes. Some songs I already heard, either live at Pitchfork, bootlegs, or leaked tracks. But nothing, NOTHING beats it all together, in all of its produced glory.
I pretty much gave up on Christmas back when I was 8 or 9, when I found out Santa Claus wasn't real. But I see now that perhaps Christmas is worth celebrating after all...

17 December 2008

caught in the act

There's one red light camera in all of Savannah, and it CAUGHT ME. And then sent a letter to my mom containing the proof.

28 November 2008


my boyfriend woke me up early to drink coffee and watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade with him. although it was way too early and the parade is dumb and his house is always really cold, it was very sweet and it made me happy.
and then we got to go to funk junction and have delicious, delicious food! (I made potatoes and pumpkin pie)
allie made the turkey, undoubtedly the best turkey I've ever had:

05 November 2008



I have been very unhappy lately, but now I am SO happy.

04 August 2008

22 July 2008


This weekend, Ben and I:

Went to the Pitchfork Music Festival at Union Park in Chicago. It was AWESOME.
We saw many bands, including:
The Ruby Suns:

Spiritualized (Jason Pierce is the sexiest heroin addict ever):

Cut Copy:

And...the main draw for us...

They were awesome. They only played for an hour, as the park closed at 10. But what a fucking hourrrrrrr. They mostly played new stuff, which was all really incredible (a relief, I thought). Also, Panda Bear, Avey Tare, and Geologist all looked GOOD, even with Avey Tare's hat.

We also saw Caribou and Fleet Foxes and Spoon and The Hold Steady and lots of other good bands. But mostly it was Animal Collective. FUCK THEY WERE GOOD.

22 April 2008


If a guy you're interested in/dating/whatever does not want to get with you, and even though you are very self conscious can't think of a real reason why he wouldn't, and at the same time is unusually chummy with the professor who taught the class where you met the guy...

End of story.