20 November 2006

Pre-Sexual Marriage Is A Sin.

I am not a religious person, but I am not an anti-religious person. A lot of people make that mistake; assuming that since I'm Agnostic I condemn other religious beliefs. That's most certainly untrue. I do have some problems with very religious people, such as when they attempt to force their beliefs on others or use it to influence the United States government. But that's not everyone. And that's not the point.
I know for many people, marriage is a religious decision. Declaring your love for someone else before the eyes of God, or whatever it is that you believe. But it's also a legal decision, and a very serious one at that. You're becoming legally bound to someone, ideally forever. And forever is a long time. The kind of relationship two people should have when they decide to get married should be a deep one, a friendly one, a romantic one and yes, a sexual one.
To me, the thought of marrying someone without having had sex with them is about as pointless and absurd as marrying before having talked to them. Just because sex isn't what marriage is completely about doesn't mean that it has nothing to do with being married.
Something that I've noticed around me personally and in news articles every once and a while is a trend of young couples, sometimes still in high school, getting married. In the cases I've heard of there are two common denominators: both people being extremely religious as well as virgins. Now I'm not necessarily saying that the reason these kids are getting married is so they can have sex without feeling as though they have sinned; but I honestly wonder if they would make such a rash decision if they had a sexual relationship. Most of the young couples I know who have been in a long term relationship before have had sex . Eighteen, nineteen, twenty year olds who have had relationships of two years or more who have sex usually don't get engaged; at least not so soon, and not that I personally know of.
While browsing Facebook groups, there's a huge number of groups with the theme of waiting until marriage to have sex. Everyone in these groups are either in high school or college and it's amazing how many of them are engaged, some of them being married already.
When you're that young, how can you be sure you've found a mate that is expected to stay with you for a lifetime? Finding something like that takes experience, part of it being sexual experience. I'm not saying I think people should have sex with as many people as possible, though that's okay, too. Sure, the Bible looks down on pre-marital sex. But why in the world would one follow a book written so long ago so closely? This is what of the disadvantages of not being religious; I just can't understand it. I've read the Bible. It's an important work and has beautiful stories and things to say. But it should be taken in context; if one is going to follow the Bible, shouldn't they go live in a desert, marry when they're 15, have about 10 kids with maybe 3 surviving, and dying in their 30s? How can you pick and choose parts to live by? In the Bible it's okay to stone women, have slaves, and whip said slaves, among other things. Most people, and I'm sure most Christians probably don't think that's rational behavior these days. So why is waiting until your wedding night to have sex any more rational?
These are just random thoughts, but my point is: if you really want to know the person you're planning on spending the rest of your life with, have sex with them. Just a thought.

17 November 2006

Over the past few weeks I've noticed a trend that has taken place on my head. My head does this sometimes, usually experimenting with curly hair or straight hair as it pleases but this...this has just gone too far.
I have white hairs. Long white hairs, short white hairs, hairs that are white from the root until about halfway down where it turns brown again. I'm really at a loss about what to do with this situation. I've been trying to pull them out as I see them...but is that all it'll take for my head to get the picture? I have a feeling pulling out the hairs aren't going to do much good and could potentially be a step backwards.
I've tried to think of it as 'a cool new thing'. But I don't have enough in one concentrated place for my white hairs to look remotely cool. I just have some scattered everywhere so that upon close inspection it looks like my hair is just ready for me to get old and die already. I was born with dark dark curly hair and over the years the color has ranged to super light brown to dark brown to medium brown to reddish brown, where it currently stands. And my hair has gone from curly to straight to wavy and back again. So maybe these white hairs will just eventually start acting normal and conforming to the rest of my head. Or maybe I'm just doomed.