20 October 2009

I guess you could call it fate.

Found a notebook with
Elizabeth's Second Diary
written on the cover with Sharpie.
Here I am reproducing an entry detailing my intense love for a boy in my class, Robert. He turned out to be a huge fucking prick, by the way. Also, all misspellings are accurate to how I spelled in my diary, not typos. Twelve years ago, (almost to the day) when I was 9 years old:

10/17/97 11:37 p.m.

Well I got him back. I was moved behind him. But, today I walked into class and I think my heart stopped beating. Robert was moved to the front, by Lauren, which is good. But I can't help but feel lonely. Robert is second in the row, I'm fifth. I remember when he sat his pack down on his desk, he glanced at me and frowned alittle. Although being a frown, it comferted me. He actually felt the same as me. The morning looked up in Music Class. My friends Lauren and Kelly were determened to get me leveld with him. At first, it was pretty much handled. I was first in the girl's line. Robert was first in the boy's line. But I turned my head. And when I looked back, he was gone. He was way behind with Randy and Alex. Luckily, so were Kelly and Lauren. They let me cut them so I was once again set. Then he decided he didn't want to sit there. So he moved ahead. We moved ahead. I finally ended up sitting next to him. I was also saved by Mrs. Radcliff's mood. She gave us activity sheets to draw and color. So we got out of our seats and sat on the floor, using our chairs as tables. His crayons spilled, we both made horrible drawings and laughed through the whole class. I guess you could call it fate. Or luck. Or maybe even love. We were laughing and playing. I whatched were my hands went, hoping to get through to him. But I held his hand once again for a split second. Stupid Alex spoiled the moment. I could have ringed his neck. Things also started to look up that afternoon in resource. It was I.E.P. day. First we had to all this stuff that I could care less about. But, we acidently bumbed into each other. I was finished. I was also alone. Robert only had a little to finish up, so I decided to wait for him. I had a plan. I asked Mrs. Wells if I could play Oregon Trail, our fave computer game. It took alittle while to get the computer ready, so he suggested that he and Taylor would do puzzles instead. This was the last thing I wanted. But, with luck, we did it.

Well look at me. Pining over a boy who didn't like me back. Obsessing, stressing, over-analyzing. Man, was I silly!

16 October 2009

grandest literary discovery of our time

Ladies and gentlemen:
Today I found my first ever published piece of writing. It appeared in the November 1998 edition of Harte to Harte, the Alice M. Harte Elementary School Newsletter, page 5, in "Classroom Action" Reports:

by Elizabeth Dixon
In Mrs. Majeste's 5th grade class, we have been doing many things. We are still doing "Flat Stanley" and, so far, in 1st place is Abby Podratz, in 2nd is a tie between Morgan Ramey and Michael Reiser, and in 3rd is Lauren Woodcheke. Everything will get turned in on October 30th. In Math, we have been studying adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals. Like most years, the second chapter in math is easier than the first for most people. In English, we are studying singular and plural possessive nouns. In Reading, we are reading stories about animals. In Social Studies, we are busy working on our state projects. And in Science, we are studying sugar and nutrition. On October 30th, we will have a Halloween party with chicken nuggets and nachos, courtesy of Ms. Jan Lore. I hope that everybody is doing good and enjoying the year. Happy Halloween!

Now, I'm biased, but my column was pretty much the best one. Adam's favorite line is "In Reading, we are reading stories about animals," as it really showcases my minimalist style. I personally like my reflection (perhaps subtle metaphor) on math. I wish I knew what the fuck "Flat Stanley" was, though.

06 October 2009

O.K. and here's an mp3 post

The following have been stuck in my head for quite some time for various reasons, though they have one common denominator: they're all awesome:

Diamond Rings - All Yr Songs

Wavves - Cool Jumper

Department of Eagles - No One Does It Like You

Phoenix - 1901

Javelin - Vibrationz (from the album Jamz n Jemz, such a good album title as well as cover art)

Simon and Garfunkel - Bookends Theme
(made me cry as a kid)

Pictureplane - Goth Star

Jackson 5 - The Love You Save (general message: don't be a slut, guys don't like damaged goods)

Bat for Lashes - Daniel
(about Ralph Macchio, no joke)

Bat for Lashes - Daniel (lo fi) (this version is so good for being a gangsta around Savannah with Sascha's bass turned all the way up)

Atlas Sound - Sheila

Beach Boys - Make It Big (thanks to Ben, Jeff, and Jenny Lewis)

Air - Sing Sang Sung (aforementioned)

Cat Power - Half of You

Murs - Better Than The Best

Phoenix - Long Distance Call

Phoenix - Love Like A Sunset (Animal Collective Remix) (might as well be AC b-side. deakin's back, y'all!)

05 October 2009

sing sang sung

I had such a weird dream . . . all I really remember about it was my locker. It was about my locker I was assigned my first day of high school in New Orleans and had until I left for Katrina. I never went back to it to get whatever I left in there, actually. Books, notebooks, photos, ponytail holders, and at least one can of Diet Coke is what I can remember. It's weird though, I have my own apartment and my own car, both of which I love and decorate the way I want. Yet I still miss and feel nostalgic for my high school locker?
This makes me happy though. Air is so reliable for being awesome. And relaxing.