23 May 2009


Quick list of modern voices I find soothing:
- Thom Yorke
- Noah Lennox
- Wayne Coyne
- J√≥nsi Birgisson'
- Jeff Tweedy
- Sia Furler
- Rufus Wainwright
- Jenny Lewis
- Hope Sandoval
- Ed Droste
- Owen Pallett
- Kevin Drew
- Ben Gibbard
- Chan Marshall
- Tracyanne Campbell
- Kevin Griffin
- Ben Folds
- Maria Taylor
- Andrew Bird

all for now.

18 May 2009

Oh, a curb

I hit a curb today and got a flat tire. The real tragedy was that I was meeting everyone for dinner after Nonfiction III and was subsequently hungry as fuck. I was rounding around a corner of a square onto Bay Street when two large tourists stepped out right in front of my car. I stopped and turned a little, hit the curb, and heard a pop. I don't actually know what happened. A valet from a hotel across the street ran up to my car and I rolled down my window.

"You got a flat tire?" He wasn't asking me, but he raised his voice at the end of the sentence enough.

"Are you serious?"

"You hit that curb?" So I pulled into East Bay Inn, called AAA, and got really angry. The whole ordeal took close to two hours and also decided to happen on the one day in May in Savannah when it decided to get cold and I had to stand outside in said cold while my tire was changed. I instantly thought the tire-changer was cute until:

Tire-changer: Whoa, how old are you?

Me: 21.

Tire-changer: Oh man, I thought you were like 17.

Everyone thinks I look 15!!! This is a great improvement, really.

Also the last Goblin Manor party occurred on Saturday. Theoretically it was bittersweet but it was actually so fucking fun.

Choice PIXXX:


14 May 2009

Friends and AC

Look at these friends!!!:




Also on Monday NPR's All Songs Considered streamed an Animal Collective show in DC. Some people (Ben) don't want to listen to it because of possible spoilers, but may I just say it was . . . amazing? They played Banshee Beat, the first Animal Collective song I ever heard. If I heard that live myself, I would probably cry. Especially the way they played it. This is where you can hear it:
Besides making me feel so happy, it made me infinitely more excited to see them in June. I didn't think it was possible to be more excited than I already am for it but AC is just full of surprises you know!

Also also might be making a breakthrough on that license plate business. Details when I get them. Adam Davies (novelist/professor/sucker) made a bet with me that there are regular, personal license plates that don't begin with an A or a B. Oh how it would sting to lose a bet to one of your undergrads. 

07 May 2009

Watergate Pt. II

O.K. you heard it here first: I am about to blow this shit out of the water.
Recently I have noticed an alarming trend with license plates. I know it seems like any trend with license plates can't be all that alarming, but this is too much. I started noticing that every Georgia license plate I've seen (Chatham County and otherwise) that is a personal vehicle that does not begin with numbers either begins with an A or a B.
Not included:
The aforementioned plates that begin with numbers
City/state vehicles
Disabled plates + any other specialized plates
That sounds like a lot of exclusions but really, it's not. Back to the issue at hand, why do all of these plates begin with an A or a B? Why not any other letter? Why do other states have a complete range of letters?
Well I went to the DMV. Yeah, I did. I stood in line with all of the angrys in order to find out. And what did I find?
"What?! I don't know! What are you even talking about?"
"I mean personal vehicle plates in Georgia. All beginning with A and B."
"You don't have any other business here?"
"Next in line please."
That was my conversation at the DMV.
My next plan of attack was via the telephone where I might come off as less crazy. I called the state department of motor vehicles, which directed me to several other offices. I ended up calling all the DMVs in the county and I either got referred to another office or got the response of, "I don't know." Until I got this response:
"Oh, we're not authorized to discuss that information."
Oh. We're not authorized to discuss that information. I see. I see. What information? Why wouldn't they, people who work in the office of the DMV, not be authorized to discuss it?
I need to find out. Maybe there is a vast statewide (nationwide? worldwide?) conspiracy that I am on the brink of uncovering. Maybe this is the start of the sequel to All The President's Men. All I know is, I'm determined. If for anything to prevent me from obsessively scanning over license plates while I drive.