27 September 2010


I am madly in love with all of my friends. I'm completely serious.
Tonight is my last night visiting Savannah. I've been here almost three weeks. I had a job interview in Atlanta and then kept on going to Savannah to see Ben and Allie. I got to Savannah on a Wednesday and when the next Wednesday rolled around I figured, might as well stay for the next weekend. My days were filled perfectly: naps, good food, good smokes, awful movies and TV, and most importantly, time with my two best friends. Although I did get food poisoning during my second weekend here . . . from licking brownie batter off a spoon. But even that wasn't so bad because Ben took care of me; after I boarded myself up in the bathroom and lost all color in my face and was covered in sweat, I laid in Ben's bed while he put frozen peas on my head and fed me a bagel and Diet Coke and played a history podcast for me.
I knew that the next weekend a ton of friends were coming to Savannah, but I wasn't planning on staying. They were all coming to a wedding I wasn't invited to and I was a little nervous about it seeming weird for me to be in town but not for the wedding like everyone else. Plus Chase and Lesley were going to stay with Ben and Allie and I didn't want to burden them with putting up three people. But then Robert, whom I hadn't seen in over a year, convinced me to stay. And by convinced me to stay I mean he offered me a place in his hotel room and the thought of seeing him and other friends that I also hadn't seen in over a year sealed the deal pretty quick.
I'm not going to go into details about every little thing we all did because that's boring to those who weren't there. And I can't even describe properly how I felt . . . to see everyone back together again after what seemed like forever and at the same time as if no time had passed. Especially Friday night when everyone was in town by then and the looming knowledge that in 48 hours everyone would be gone again hadn't settled in yet. I can't remember the last time I was so happy. Or had so much fun or was bursting with so much love for so many people. I gave and received so many hugs and kisses and dances and winks and smiles.
Meeting new people and living in new places and doing new things are all great. But it just really can't beat being in the arms of the boys and girls I love desperately. I used to be jealous of people who met their husbands/wives in college since, after a certain point, it was clear I wasn't going to meet a husband in college. But instead of one soul mate, I found a whole group of them.
I love them all. I love that they all love me and they all love one another. And even though the short length of the reunion was sort of devastating, that sadness could never beat the happiness of being together, of everything being the way it's supposed to be.
Pictures of the Special Friend Times
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